Age Restriction:

Steve, a young slacker who works at Target and suffers from acute video game addiction, is forced to grow up when his girlfriend Rhona dumps him and leaves for Mexico to study archeology. After a classic bout of denial and depression, Steve resolves to go on a journey through Mexico to find his soul mate and win her back. After crashing his car and wandering into a small town where a Mexican family kindly helps him regain his health, Steve begins to discover his Latino soul. Complications ensue, however, as he is robbed and starts receiving emails from ?Antonio? - a Latin Casanova who claims to be Rhona?s new lover. Led onward by a mysterious crow, Steve gradually develops the confidence to face his nemesis and arrives in Veracruz looking for Rhona. But is it too late? Has ?Antonio? already made his move? Or, will Steve discover his Aztec warrior spirit in time to win back his true love? Only the crow knows for sure?