Horror & Thriller
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A night of total terror awaits you and your unsuspecting guests. Thrill to film host Mr. Lobo's favorite trailers and scenes from the most shocking films of the genre. George A. Romero's original trilogy, Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead is just the beginning. Sample saucy and intense Italian flicks like Fulci's Zombie, Hell of the Living Dead and Burial Ground. The fantasy infusion of the 80's spawn Bruce Campbell in the Evil dead and Jeffrey Combs in Re-Animator. Over-the-top gore gets laughs in Peter Jackson's Dead Alive and for pure camp check out Joe Piscopo in Dead Heat and Plan 9 From Outer Space! Verse yourself in the classics with the pre-Romero zombies of The Last Man on Earth and Carnival of Souls! A rare trailer for The Video Dead, the all time crowd pleaser Return of the Living Dead and much more! In fact, it never stops!