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Kindergarten teacher Annie lives the ideal yuppy lifestyle with her BMW-driving husband. Although Annie clearly yearns for children of her own, the couple is childless, and she is clearly bored. Her boring life is suddenly upset when she receives a mysterious phone call at work, telling her 'the Dancer is locked in the candy store'. She immediately sets out for Cuba. Here she meets up with an old contact and lover, 'the Dancer', now a high-ranking official in the Cuban army. Led to believe he wanted to defect, she is surprised to learn he has had no contact with anyone, and no plans to leave Cuba. The two clearly still have feelings for each other, and combine forces to try to find out what is going on. As various forces close in on the couple, the two race for freedom. Who is behind the original phone call? Why would they want the Dancer to defect? And most of all, how can they live with the forces of several countries all wanting a different outcome?