Drama & Romance
Age Restriction:

Beside the Manor Selby is a period drama starring cult film actor Conrad Brooks taking place in the Edwardian era inspired by the works of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Daphne du Maurier, Thomas Paine and Shakespeare. The story revolves around the inhabitants of the Manor Selby in and their ties with the 'developing theater of horrors,' i.e. The Great War in Europe. John Patmos attempts to elicit the aid of Hezekiah Piker who is residing at Selby while the owners are in Europe. He wishes Piker to assist their mutual friend, Captain Vaushnic in his peace-keeping efforts in Verdun, France. Vaushnic's Austrian and Serbian ties afford him a unique position in the clandestine peace accords. Will Piker consent, and if so what dangers await them in the battlefields of France? And what of The Gardener's inane pronouncements? Are they simply abstruse divination's or much more?