The Murder of Mary Magdalene Genocide of the Holy Bloodline

In keeping with the revisionist Biblical histories delineated by Dan Brown's 2003 novel The Da Vinci Code, this documentary makes an arresting and shocking suggestion. It argues that Mary Magdalene not only married Jesus and created a 'Holy Bloodline' (as Brown's book implies), but fell victim to conspiratorial murder by the Catholic Church, in its attempt to erase this bloodline from existence. To investigate this claim, the program travels to Lincoln, England on a treasure hunt for Mary Magdalene's final resting place - a journey that concludes with an underground jaunt through tunnels to find the tomb. The program also voyages to little-known Templar sites, and finds Dan Green unlocking various codes and ciphers to back up the theory at the heart at the documentary.

  • Genre:
  • Documentary & Factual
  • Age Restriction:
  • 16
  • Runtime:
  • 02:07:11
  • Rating:
  • 83