Age Restriction:

Gavin Tartowski has been called a quack, a cult-leader, and a barista who sees himself as a guru. Looking for a support group to help him with his compulsion to wear extremely tight pants, Gavin was turned away from 12-step programs like AA, NA and GA. 'Why all the labels?' Gavin asks. 'Why not put all problems under one umbrella?' 'That is why I created A. I want to help people no matter what their challenges are.' The group's newest challenge is Benji, a troubled 35 year-old 'huffer' whose mother has sent him to A. As the members struggle with Benji, they begin to work through their own inner-demons and start to see the value in their lives. Although Tartowski's methods are less than orthodox, his ability to heal is indisputable. This film is as life affirming as A itself.