Drama & Romance
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Ingrid Bergman and Joseph Cotton star in UNDER CAPRICORN, a lush Technicolor meloDrama directed by Alfred Hitchcock, the Master of Suspense, Cotten plays Sam Flusky, a native Briton Banished to Australia for murder. Bergman is his wife, Henrietta, the disturbed sister of the man Flusky was convicted of killing. When a new governor arrives, he brings with him his cousin, Adare (Michael Wilding), an old friend of Henrietta?s, who sets out to help her conquer her demons and return her life to normal. But there are complications: Is Henrietta going insane, or is someone trying to drive her mad? Is she merely an alcoholic, or is someone trying to poison her? No one but Hitcock could handle these questions with such surefire tension, and the performances by Bergman, Cotten and the entire cast are excellent. Described by film critic David Thomson as ?a rich account of emotional self-sacrifice,? UNDER CAPRICORN is that rare film which captures the humanity of its characters while keeping the audience on the edge of their seats; in other words, it was directed by Alfred Hitchcock.