Age Restriction:

When Steve Reeves caused a sensation in Hercules (1959), Italian producers were quick to search for other American actors to fill the beefcake quota, in Sword and Sandal films. One of the first of these was Mark Forest, a Brooklyn-born body builder, known as? The Adonis with the perfect physique? Forest, went on to make a dozen mythical muscleman movies. Son of Samson (1960), was the second of these? And one of the best. Actually the original title of the film was Maciste In The Valley of the Kings, but the name of Italian hero Maciste meant nothing to American audiences, hence the title change. This time Maciste shows up in the Ancient Egyptian city of Tanis, where the evil Queen Smedes (Played by Folies Beregeres, dancer Chelo Alonso), is making it tough for the common folk. A spectacular tale of strength and seduction presented in Color and Scope.